An educational revolution!

Express Learning Services, LLC
features the Expressways To Learning® systems based on 40 years of research, development and field testing by Dr. Jack Hoes

Using test results and careful placement measures, a personalized Rx of tasks is written allowing students to experience immediate success by starting them in their strongest mode and slightly below their independent levels. However, we do not allow work in the strongest mode only. To master learning, students need to be able to succeed in both.


Computerized sessions provide copious neurological sensory impressions which are divided into Encoding and Decoding tasks which lead to long-term memory.

Artistic rendering of visual, auditory, kinesthetic


Auditory-Visual Impression Pairing developed by Jack Hoes, plus tasks using music & rhythm, profoundly affects the storage and retrieval of knowledge by integrating Right/Left Brain Learning.

Learning Modes

Though the learning modes are many, the learning process is very simple. Three easy tasks which can be completed in approximately six minutes enable the learner to impress his mind with the look and sound of what he is studying. He tests himself constantly to determine what he may yet need to know and to give self-assurance that what he has studied is now part of his memory.


As quickly as a camera lens exposes its film, the eyes of the learner “take pictures” of words. Hearing their sounds is also recorded in his mental memory When these are reviewed often enough, they combine to form the foundation stones of meaning which ultimately lead to understanding.