My Story

headshot of Dee

I had been teaching my cousins to read since I was a child myself. I have always seen myself as a teacher. Yet, my position as the youngest child in my family also drew me toward a helping career that touches more aspects of the lives of others. In the end, I solved that dilemma and more by earning an AA degree in Human Services, then going on to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in education with an emphasis in guidance counseling.

Upon graduation, the first job I was able to secure was one in the social work field. For a number of years, I enjoyed positions focusing on segments of the population ranging from inner-city youth to single moms, to the elderly. I found it so fulfilling to be able to have such an influence on the dynamics of individual’s lives.

Later, I found myself happily working with the early childhood program aimed at addressing developmental delays prior to preschool enrollment. It was during my time there, that I was introduced to Dr. Jack Hoes and the Expressways To Learning® program. Immediately, I knew I was supposed to be involved in this tremendous system.

As co-owner of a clinic in Texas for five years, I grew even more impressed and convinced of its incredible potential to impact the lives and futures of individuals.

I have now introduced Expressways To Learning® to the upper Midwest, beginning with Minnesota. We are already making a huge impact on individuals of all ages, and are beginning to expand our presence. The goal is to make a lasting difference for all we can.