Our Clients say…

Reduces Stress And Frustration:

“Our turning point was just prior to high school when my daughter was given a book to read for a major report. That report took its toll on the whole family; we all suffered through it. I knew something had to be done. Thanks to Expressways to Learning┬« system (now being offered in the Lakes area through the Express Learning program) our family no longer dreads the start of the new school year. She now looks forward to high school as she never has before.” Parent


“Finally many of my questions were answered. Their extensive evaluation helped me to understand her (daughter) particular difficulties. …confidence increased to heights dreamed impossible and self-esteem followed suit.” Parent

“…classes were non-threatening. I saw (client) blossom and become a happier person.” Counselor

“…I have never seen a more effective reading program. One of the beautiful elements of this program is its ability to help learners of various ages and with varying abilities and problems.” Teacher

“ETL is a highly individualized program which moves students at a pace that is comfortable for them… Students begin to have the self-confidence they need to be successful at school and in getting along with others I would strongly recommend this program to any parent, or school system…” Patty Smith, teacher

Returns to mainstream:

Dustin was about to repeat the 2nd grade. After working with Lucy, (Clinic owner/ETL representative), he continued in REGULAR classes, graduated with honors, went on to become a Navy Seal and flies Black Hawk Helicopters for the U.S. Army!!! Dale and Pat Williams, parents

Changes high-risk situations:

“Davey was told that he had a learning disability and was failing the 5th grade. After a few months of ETL, he moved on to graduate from college with honors.” Parent