Recognize any of the following?

In your children, your students, your clients, your employees, yourself?

  • Reverse, skip or reread letters or words
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Avoid reading and writing
  • Poor spelling
  • Poor handwriting
  • Unable to perceive sounds, letters or words correctly
  • Do not complete tasks
  • Cannot recall or organize information
  • Find homework frustrating
  • Become emotionally upset about attending school
  • Easily distracted, impulsive, or overly active
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Difficulty understanding or retaining information



Elementary aged boy sitting at desk with head down in his handsExpress Learning Services, LLC does not simply tutor, which gives only temporary help until the next difficult section in a school subject comes along. Rather, we perform thorough evaluations to determine current academic levels and the presence of sensory processing deficits that can be the cause of difficulties. By retraining the brain to process information correctly, gains of two years have been achieved in one 4 month session using the Expressways To Learning® system.

Reading failure usually shows up by the end of 4th grade, when words needed for Science, Literature, History, or Math can’t be memorized quickly enough.

Due to the lack of basic skills, schools find it necessary to compensate. The verbal fluency which many of these students demonstrate is a good indication of their verbal intelligence and vocabulary levels. Using contextual clues to read words, makes it possible to go under the radar of school testing procedures, but when confronted with words in isolation, or more difficult words, they are likely to be unsuccessful. Content mastery is simply not enough to enable the pursuit of higher education and to succeed in a demanding workforce. The result: Frustration increases!

To be effective in any learning environment or situation, one should be able to process information using all senses at an equal level. In high school, instruction methods become more and more lecture, requiring auditory skills. Since the majority of individuals are stronger visual learners, this can cause difficulties. Our program uses sound neurological principles, and multi-sensory training of basic language and math, which strengthens weak sensory processing skills.

One or More Grade Level Increase Per Semester Is Common. With our help, your student can…

  • Raise low standardized test scores
  • Continue sports and other activities
  • Become better equipped for college requirements

Two perplexed adults in classThough many have gotten through school, sometimes even college-level courses, they find that lessons with Express Learning Services, LLC using the Expressways to Learning® system opens possibilities for advancement not previously considered. It also gives them a sense of job security which can be a source of ongoing stress and emotional impact on the whole family.


Senior couple seated, looking at cameraAs a neurologically based program, Expressways To Learning® offered through Express Learning Services, LLC is a non-threatening, effective way of keeping one’s mind sharp in the aging process, increasing the possibility of independence which everyone strives for. It has even been used successfully with individuals left with ongoing challenges as the result of a stroke.


seated middle aged couple in business attire looking dejected with heads in handsEmployers find it difficult to navigate workplace issues of lagging skills in existing or potential employees, which negatively affects their business. Express Learning Services, LLC offers a quick and effective resource for addressing these issues and bringing results which offer increased productivity and profits. The Expressways To Learning® system increases reading, math, comprehension and vocabulary levels in learners, including those with English as a Second Language.